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Top 20 Best Motels in the Philippines

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Victoria Court is one of the best motels in the Philippines

When you’re traveling, there are a lot of things to think about. Where are you going to stay? What are you going to eat? How are you going to get there? And, of course, what type of room will you be getting? Here are the top 20 best motels in the Philippines.

The Best Motels in the Philippines

  1. Hotel Ava (formerly Victoria Court)
  2. Victoria Court
  3. Sogo Drive Inn
  4. Sogo Hotel
  5. Eurotel
  6. OYO
  7. Halina Drive Inn Hotel
  8. Prince Court Drive-In Hotel
  9. Daisy Drive Inn
  10. Mariposa Budget Hotel
  11. One Serenata Hotel Bacao
  12. Red Planet
  13. Hotel H2O
  14. Hotel Kimberly Manila
  15. 1775 Adriatico Suites
  16. Hop Inn Hotel Ermita
  17. Hotel 2016 Manila
  18. Mahal Kita Drive Inn
  19. Marina Royale Drive Inn Hotel
  20. 88 Courtyard Hotel


What exactly is a motel in the Philippines?

Motels are typically small, individualized buildings that act as a temporary place of residence for people traveling in the area. They offer a variety of amenities such as rooms with beds and televisions, restrooms, and in-house restaurants with delicious healthy Pinoy dishes, and a kitchen inside the room. Some motels also have restaurants on site.

There are two types of motels in the Philippines:

Drive-in Motels in the Philippines

Drive-in motels are a type of motel that typically offer garage parking to access the room. They are typically bigger and cheaper than traditional hotels, and they are common in urban areas in the Philippines, such as Metro Manila, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao. Filipino visitors normally own a car to visit the motel, park the car immediately and go to the room instantly.

What are Walk-Up Motels?

Walk-up motels are a type of motel where guests visit the motel even without a reservation and “walk-up” in the room using stairs or an elevator. They are usually cheaper than regular drive-in motels, but the rooms are not as comfortable or spacious. Visitors usually do not own a car and just use public transportation to visit the walk-up motels.


What is a Love Motel, and How is it Different From Other Motels?

Love motels in the Philippines typically provide comfortable and affordable lodging for Filipino and tourist couples.

They often feature romantic names and decor, as well as unique amenities such as a jacuzzi inside the room with lots of mirrors.

Love motels are popular in the Philippines with people who want to get away from the crowds and have some privacy.


How to Choose the Right Motel in the Philippines?

Here are five ways for Filipinos and foreigners to choose the right motel in the Philippines.

1. Decide what type of room you want.

If you’re looking for a basic room, many motels offer rooms with two queen-sized beds.

If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, some motels offer thematic rooms with one king-sized bed and one or two double beds with a jacuzzi. The themed rooms can be in various styles with wide selections of themes, including entertainment, wall decors, mirrors, and even a gym room.

Finally, if you’re looking for something really special, some motels offer rooms with a jacuzzi and loft-type studio with one king-sized bed. Some thematic motel rooms in the Philippines even have a billiard table and a wide shower room that can fit four people at the same time.


2. Consider the location of the motel in the Philippines.

Motels are ubiquitous in the Philippines and can be found practically in major cities like Manila, Pasay, Paranaque, Makati, Pasig, and Quezon City.

These motels offer affordable accommodation, convenient locations, and a sense of familiarity for Pinoy families, in-love Filipino couples, and foreign tourists.

These motels typically cater to Filipinos and tourists who are on a budget.

Likewise, those who are looking for a place to sleep while they are stuck in traffic or too drunk to drive can check in to the best motels in the Philippines.

Motels in the Philippines typically cater to tourists and locals. They usually have clean facilities and reasonable rates.

In general, Filipinos and tourists can find the best motels in major cities and tourist destinations.


3. Check the facilities of the motels in the Philippines.

The Philippines has a wide range of motels, from budget hotels to 5-star resorts. There are also roadside motels, which can be found anywhere in the country.

All motels have either rooms with private bathrooms or shared facilities. Some motels have air conditioning and other amenities such as barbecues, karaoke bars, and swimming pools.

It is essential to check the facilities of the motel before booking as some motels may have limited facilities or no facilities at all.

The Philippines is a great place to travel and visit different parts of the country. There are many budget hotels and inns as well as roadside motels that offer good value for money.


4. Consider the price of the motels in the Philippines.

There are many motels in the Philippines, depending on your budget. From cheap and cheerful places to those with all the bells and whistles, there is something for everyone.

In terms of price, most motels range from around PHP 4,000 to PHP 10,000 per night.

Most of the “love motels” also offer a minimum of 3 hours rate. This 3 hours rate is called “short time.”

The prices for short-time motels in the Philippines vary between PHP 400 to PHP 1,000, depending on the size, facilities, and theme of the room.

If you want a basic room, it has a bed with side tables and a table to sit for two people. The basic motel room is cheaper as compared to a room with a jacuzzi.


5. Read reviews of the motels in the Philippines.

The Philippines is a country with over 7,000 islands, which means that there are plenty of places to stay if you’re looking for an affordable and convenient place to stay.

In the city of Manila alone, there are several motels that offer excellent value for money for Filipinos and tourists. Some of the best motels in the Philippines offer a 3 hours stay, 12 hours stay, or 24 hours stay.

If you’re looking for a motel that’s out of the city center but still close to all the action, consider staying at one of the best motels in the Philippines, particularly around Makati, Manila, Pasig, Parañaque, Pasay, and Quezon City.

Whatever your budget or needs, there’s sure to be a great option available in either Manila or one of its surrounding areas.


What are the Benefits of Staying in a Motel?

There are many benefits to staying in the best motels in the Philippines. They are often affordable, convenient, and provide a comfortable setting. Some of the benefits include:

-They are often affordable – motels can be a cost-effective way to stay while traveling.

-They are often convenient – motels are close to many attractions and businesses.

-They provide a comfortable setting – motels often have comfortable beds and rooms.

The best motels in the Philippines offer travelers and couples a convenient and affordable place to stay while on vacation or business travel. They provide clean, comfortable rooms with amenities such as a TV, refrigerator, and microwave.

Many motels in the Philippines also offer meeting facilities and free Wi-Fi. Some motels provide transportation to local attractions.

Sogo is one of the best motels in the Philippines
Top 20 Best Motels in the Philippines


Choosing the best motels in the Philippines when traveling can be tricky. By following these simple tips, Pinoys and tourists can find the perfect place for their next trip.

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